Your Home is Your Castle: How to Protect it Through the Years

(StatePoint) For many people, owning a home is the American dream, and the single biggest financial investment they will ever make. With the stakes so high, in addition to picking out the perfect property, it’s critical to have the right insurance.

While homeowners may start out with the right amount when they first purchase their home, over time, their policy can become outdated. Why? One big reason is inflation.

“Labor and building material costs go up over time, which means that if your home were destroyed by a fire or natural disaster, for example, and you had to rebuild it in today’s dollars, it would very likely cost much more,” said Bob Buckel, vice president and product manager, Erie Insurance. “That’s why we recommend that all homeowners get ‘guaranteed replacement cost’ coverage.”

In addition to making sure your insurance keeps up with inflation, experts also recommend homeowners reach out to their insurance agent when:

Couples who have shared their lives for decades usually think they’ve long since resolved their differences.  However, it’s not uncommon for older couples to face the threat of an unwanted separation in later years because of varying health needs. 

Belmont Village Senior Living provides seniors, especially couples, the opportunity to age successfully together by providing a supportive environment and enriching programs for a variety of care levels. The company is a recognized leader in interpreting University-led research into therapeutic programs, offering a whole brain fitness lifestyle that engages people at all activity and cognitive levels. From MBA® (Mind, Body, Awareness), a self-directed program for independent residents who want to stay active and maintain mental acuity, to Circle of Friends®, a dedicated, seven-day-a-week program for residents with mild to moderate memory impairment, to the more tailored care plans for residents with late-stage memory loss, Belmont’s tiered approach allows both partners to interact with their peers socially and maintain their own mental and physical fitness in ways that are appropriate to each partner’s needs.

“Cognitive issues such as Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) are particularly challenging for couples, especially as one partner steps into the caregiving role.  Often the affected partner still functions well in other ways but needs a higher level of support than even they may realize. This creates stress for both partners that can make time together difficult and time apart worrisome,” said Beverly Sanborn, Belmont Village Vice President of Program Development. “In those situations, we’ve seen that our Circle of Friends program helps to give them back their personal space in a way that alleviates guilt, fear, and very real physical and emotional strain, allowing the couple to better enjoy time spent together.”

At every tier, Belmont Village provides daily activities that offer engagement and socialization. Professionally trained memory coordinators and activity assistants work with each resident to create a personal, “just right” cognitive challenge, which research shows can help to build cognitive reserve in the brain to keep the mind active, longer, when combined with a healthy diet and an exercise regimen that includes a combination of aerobic and strength-training. And because Belmont Village buildings are licensed throughout to the highest level of care, couples with differing care needs can continue to live together and stay together, even if care needs change.

With 28 locations nationwide and 13 in California, Belmont Village offers unprecedented senior living,

maintaining the highest standards since 1997. Belmont Village designs, builds, owns and operates every community. Each community features a signature blend of hospitality and amenities combined with premier health and wellness programs. Residents have everything they need to thrive ” professionally managed fitness center with therapy services, a licensed nurse and well-trained staff on-site 24/7, and a vibrant social calendar. Hospitality and amenities will include chef-prepared meals, concierge services, an outdoor heated swimming pool, screening room, and a full-service salon. For more information, visit

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