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A celebrated actor who discovered his talent as a young teenager, Patrick Duffy has captivated audiences for 34 years as a familiar face on some of television’s most beloved series.

Patrick was raised in Montana until he was 12, with a two-year stint in Alaska ages 2-4.  The family moved to Seattle, Washington when Patrick was 12 and there he completed his schooling and graduated from the University of Washington’s intensive Professional Actors Program in 1971.  In 1972 he moved to NYC, where he lived for 1 1/2 years finding only one theater job during that time, non-paying at that.  However, an agent found him in that attic showcase production and convinced him to move once again, this time to Los Angeles.

Supporting himself by his “other” profession as a carpenter (and sometimes delivery man) he survived until the audition for a new sci-fi series, Man from Atlantis.  After repeated callbacks and a screen test he secured that roll and from that time on he was employed as an actor for 24 straight years.  His second job was as Bobby Ewing in the CBS series, Dallas. That was followed by the situation comedy Step by Step and 3 years part-time on The Bold and the Beautiful.

He has appeared on the West End in London in Art and toured the UK with his partner Linda Purl for 6 months in the play Catch Me if You Can.  Duffy has two sons, Padraic and Conor, and 4 grandchildren.

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