There’s Never Been a Better Time—or a Better Way—To Sell Your Car

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Sooner or later, most California seniors arrive at a familiar dilemma: What to do with their old automobile?

Maybe you’ve reached a point in your life where you and your partner can get by with a single vehicle, instead of needing two. Maybe you’ve decided you don’t need a car at all. Or maybe you’re ready to really get the most out of your golden years, finally treating yourself to that luxury cruiser you’ve always dreamed of.

Regardless, you’ll need to find the best way to sell your current vehicle. As luck would have it, now’s an ideal time for selling a vehicle. That’s because COVID-caused supply chain issues have led to a real backlog in new cars, thus increasing demand for used vehicles significantly. It’s a seller’s market, in other words, which means you can afford to be choosy about how you sell your existing vehicle.

A New Way to Sell Your Car

So what are the options, exactly?

Historically, the easiest way to sell a vehicle was always to take it directly to the dealership. This remains a viable option, but you should know that selling to a dealership usually yields the lowest possible sales price. Simply put, dealerships have margins to maintain. They’re not going to offer you top dollar for your used car, even if there is a lot of market demand.

Another option is to cut out the middleman and sell straight to a buyer, perhaps taking out an ad in the local paper or on a local classifieds page. This allows you greater control over the sales price, but it can also be a bit more labor-intensive. It means you have to deal with inquiries from local buyers, with no real way of vetting them or ensuring their reputability. Seniors’ comfort levels with such meetings can vary.

Thankfully, a new and better option has emerged: Selling your car online. Websites like BestBid provide a streamlined process, allowing you to get a good price for your vehicle without having to endure a lot of hassle or headache.

Why Sell Your Car Online?

There are a number of advantages you can expect when you sell your car online.

  • Auto-buying sites will usually take any make or model, from pickup trucks to luxury sedans and everything in between.
  • Sites like Best Bid will make an offer within minutes of your application, and you can usually receive payment same-day.
  • You can usually get the online auto-buyer to do most of the grunt work for you, including signing off on all the necessary paperwork at the DMV.
  • You can get an offer on your vehicle simply by filling out an online application; no need to take out an ad or meet with a bunch of buyers.
  • Crucially, these sites typically offer the highest sale prices for used cars, making this a great way to maximize the value of your transaction.

The bottom line: For California’s seniors, there’s never been a better time to part ways with a trusty ol’ vehicle. And there’s also never been a better method.


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