Tips to Improve Your Mental Health and Wellbeing

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“There’s no place like home.” There’s a reason why Dorothy preferred the warm feeling of rural Kansas over the hustle and bustle of Oz. Scientific studies show that busy urban life can actually take a toll on mental health.

Adjusting your surroundings can have a significant impact on your mental and physical well-being, which is why many city-dwellers are moving to areas like The Landings, a premier gated community near downtown Savannah, Ga. featuring resort-style amenities and a friendly, small-town feel. But whether you’re ready to move or not, you can improve your health with a few simple tips.

A Natural High

Spending time in nature has been found to help with mental health problems, including anxiety and depression. And more specifically, looking at water provides a significant calming effect. So, take time daily to get outdoors. Whether it’s venturing to a nearby park or water source or simply sitting in your own yard, find time to create some outdoor zen. At the Landings, residents are surrounded by a beautiful, natural island setting overlooking picture-perfect marshes, lagoons and waterways ” a serene backdrop to ease one’s mind anytime.

Let There Be Light

Increased hours of sunlight can heighten the brain’s production of the mood-enhancing chemical serotonin, so be sure to fit natural light into your schedule as much as possible. Whether it’s a coffee on the patio or a simple walk at lunch, adding bits of natural light to your day can help. And during the winter months, consider light therapy with a light box or lamp to simulate daylight.

The Social Network

The pandemic showed us the importance of social connections ” not on social media ” but true human interactions. To keep up connections, start right at home with neighbors. Walking groups, game nights or social hours are great ways to ensure you’re adding social events to your calendar. The Landings helps facilitate friendships through a New Neighbors group. For the first two years after their move, residents participate in a variety of activities to make new friends, as well as learn about the rich history of the area and the community.

Find a Furry Friend

Connections don’t always need to be with humans. Pets, especially dogs and cats, can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Plus, walking your pet is great for your cardiovascular health. The Landings offers 30 miles of beautiful walking, biking and jogging trails ” and even has a fenced in dog park ” combining all the key elements of nature, water, wildlife, sunshine and socialization.

Get Physical

Exercise makes us feel happier, improves our immune system and can even prevent heart disease ” so find ways to move daily. Exercising with a friend or loved one can make it more fun, and increase your chances of sticking to it. You may consider trying new activities that can also introduce you to new social connections, such as golf, pickleball or tennis.

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With a few tips for adding the right elements to your surroundings, you’ll be on the right track to make a positive impact on your mental and physical well-being.  (StatePoint)

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