A New Year, a New You!

(BPT) – Jan. 1 marks the official start of the new year and is our annual reminder to set resolutions, such as eating healthier, practicing mindfulness, getting organized or finally joining a gym. It’s the perfect excuse to hit the reset button to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Whether that’s waking up to a glass of celery juice – the go-to drink of 2018 – or taking a spin class, the challenge in getting healthier involves finding a solution that aligns with your everyday lifestyle and personal goals. Every individual’s journey is different. Resolving to lose weight on Jan. 1 is the easy part. Sticking with it requires more effort.

What if you could start a weight loss journey that was sustainable? One that helps you build the habits that will carry you through Dec. 31, 2019, and beyond?

Let’s get personal

Effective weight loss programs must be highly personalized. Personalization plays a critical role in weight management, serving as the connective tissue between a program and the individual. Inputting height, weight, age, and gender into an app or database cannot sustain a successful weight loss experience. Tracking your progress, consistent feedback, personalized coaching, and motivational communications are key. These are made possible thanks to advancements in technology; which when combined with personalization can positively impact weight loss behaviors and yield real results.

Finding the right program for you

Losing weight is not one-size-fits-all, hence the importance of finding a program that is right for your body, mind, and schedule. Experts advise seeking programs rooted in sustainability, personalization, and ease of use. Developed in collaboration with Louisiana State University’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center, a worldwide leader in weight loss science, Amway’s BodyKey(TM) SmartLoss(TM) program makes it easier to embrace smarter, healthier lifestyle choices.

Accessibility is also important. The BodyKey SmartLoss program includes a free mobile app that functions as your digital coach to help you achieve and share your success with family, friends, and colleagues along your weight loss journey. The app is available for anyone to download on the iTunes Store and Google Play.

Marrying the use of technology and biological processes, the program features three key elements:

* Personalized eating plan: an easy-to-follow eating plan to educate on appropriate portion size

* Personalized SmartLoss Graph: to map and track healthy weight loss

* SmartTips and SmartLoss Feedback: continual and tailored recommendations to keep users motivated to lose weight

“Personalization is invaluable for any successful weight loss program,” said Kerry Grann, Principal Research Scientist, Amway Research & Development. “Each person is unique and requires different specificities to lose weight. What may be beneficial to one person, may not work for another. Finding a solution based on your individual needs will help you lose weight more efficiently.”

Breaking barriers

With no tracking or calorie counting required, Amway’s BodyKey SmartLoss program effectively drives weight loss by including scientifically proven strategies to help shift away from unhealthy habits that prevent you from losing weight. It is also personalized to help identify potential barriers such as mindset, sleep, stress and eating habits, and teaches new skills to overcome those barriers.

“Creating healthy habits such as weighing yourself daily and replacing one meal a day with a nutrient-packed shake or bar can lead to long-term success in managing weight,” Grann continued. “These habits ensure daily allowances are properly met and that you receive the nutrients your body needs to lose weight.”

In addition to meal replacement shakes and bars, Amway’s BodyKey SmartLoss program also offers tools, snacks and teas to help make portion control easier.

As we approach a new year, now is the time to evaluate your physical, mental and spiritual health. Managing your weight doesn’t have to be a lifelong struggle. Proper weight management can be safely achieved through programs such as BodyKey SmartLoss. This program, combined with proper education on the tools and nutrients your body benefits from, can enable you to reap rewards in no time.

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