New Caregiver Prayer App for Overburdened Family Caregivers

Family caregivers need a source of spiritual encouragement, says Caregiver Partners, the organization launching a new mobile app that serves as a quiet, understanding friend anytime and anywhere. The non-denominational Caregiver Prayer app is free and available at the App Store, Google Play and online at

When someone is seriously ill and receiving constant care, people are naturally concerned and want to help. However, these well-meaning friends and family often don’t think to ask about the welfare of the caregiver. The work of caregivers is simply taken for granted. Sharing the Caregiver Prayer app with someone who is caring for a friend of loved one is a thoughtful way to say, “I’m thinking of you.”

In a national study, caregivers were asked about the guidance and support they received from outside sources. Seventy-five percent said they turned to prayer ” more than any other resource. App users receive short devotional messages every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to provide much-needed inspiration for the demands of the day. The app also features a section for sharing one’s concerns, and a place to request prayer from the Caregiver Prayer Support Group. A safe and private chatroom enables caregivers to connect in real time, reminding them that they are not alone.

“Pray for me, I’m depressed and exhausted,” explains one user, underscoring just how vital the Caregiver Prayer app is for this community. Others think of the app as a quiet, compassionate friend.

“I need this at a time in my life that is difficult,” adds another user. “My husband has been severely ill for over three years, and we are about to go through surgery. This app has provided the guidance and strength I needed. I would recommend it to any caregiver.”

The emotional and physical costs of caregiving have become the nation’s hidden healthcare crisis.  AARP data reveals that over 40 million Americans ” one in every six adults ” are now serving as family caregivers. Many work full time and go home to face the demands of caregiving. Collectively they provide over 37 billion hours of unpaid care to family members.

The constant demands of caring for an ailing family member are often intense and prolonged. Anxiety and stress combine to take a heavy toll of the caregiver’s own physical and emotional health. At the same time, caregivers are often reluctant to talk about their own issues. They feel that complaining will sound like a lack of caring. The Caregiver Prayer app is therefore a vital tool for these millions of hard-working people.

Caregiver Partners is a non-profit organization. Its team of seasoned caregivers and medical professionals created the Caregiver Prayer app, a convenient mobile tool to help caregivers feel more supported, encouraged and spiritually connected.

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